Installing a New Skylight

Installing a New Skylight

Skylights are a great way of providing rich and natural lighting to your home without the burden of increased electricity consumption. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to light up your house since all you’re using is the natural light of the sun. This would mean that you can save more money in terms of electricity. It’s most often that skylights are found in commercial and residential buildings and installed by professional roofers or skylight companies. How do you install your own skylight in your home? Here are a couple of steps that you can follow to set up your own skylight.

Cutting an Opening on the Drywall

The first thing that you have to do is to measure the potential size of the skylight from the indoor. After finding the suitable location for the skylight, you need to start sizing up and then cutting the drywall from the inside to provide the base of the skylight before cutting an opening through the roof. This ensures that once you begin cutting an opening on the roof, you will be at the right spot. Use a chalk to draw the guidelines that you’ll be following and prepare to use a saw and even a utility knife in making an opening.

Cutting an Opening on Your Roof

Once you’re done making an opening from the interior drywall of the house, it’s time to follow up with making an opening through the roof. Because the drywall has now been open and exposed, this spot will now be visible and free once you cut an opening from the roof which will allow the light to enter once you install the skylight. Follow the marks that you’ve made and drill holes for screws later on in installing the skylight itself. Cut through the shingles and roofing material and always ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you while working.


Putting the Skylight

Once you’re done making the openings for your skylight, it’s time to put the frame of the skylight and then fasten it on your roof. Make sure that the measurement of your skylight coincides with the openings that you’ve made. Too big of a skylight frame wouldn’t be able to fit in the opening while too small of a skylight frame would only leave gaps or spaces which would allow water to seep through your skylight and cause leaking.

Finishing Touches

Once you finish installing the skylight, it’s time to do the finishing touches. This includes reinstalling the roofing shingles and securing the skylight while also checking for any potential problems like gaps or loose edges. You can also install the glass of the skylight and make sure you tighten the screws on the skylight’s hinges. Apply insulation foam on the space near the skylight’s frame. Click here for more

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