History of Slot Machine

The history of slots started in the 19th century, a long shot away from the modern brands we see of today like 666 casino. The first slot machine was discovered in 1895 by Charles Fey in the United States at California State. He named the machine Liberty Bell built with levels and rears.

Liberty Bell First Slot Machine

The machine had 3 spinning reels that resemble pictures of slot playing cards. The reels had distinctive features each reel had a picture of the cracked slot machine. The slot game was played by moving the levers at the side where the machine was. For the player to win the game the wheels would spin and when they stopped with the liberty bell in the same line the player would win a jackpot of 50 cents. The technology spread fast to many other parts of the world and the history of slot machines began.

Fruit Machines

The slots machines were banned in many states of America in the year 1902. This lead to another innovation of slot machine known as a fruit machine. In the fruit machine instead of pictures of playing cards they replaced them with fruit pictures. The people still enjoyed the fun of slot machine if it would spin and the fruit pictures would line in one line, the player would win a packet of chewing gum. This is the origin of the name fruit machine which is commonly used in the UK to date.

All this time the slot machine was manually controlled. They were operated by moving the lever at the side of the machine. this movement actually made the players believe that they are really in control of the game. This mechanism did not last for long and slowly began to advance. The name was changed to one-armed bandit; this was referred to the lever the players used to control the game.

New Slot Machine Technology

The modern technology was introduced to the slot machines and in 1960, the electromechanical machine was invented. The discoveries didn’t end there by the year 1980; the electromechanical machines were replaced by electric slot machines, which were using the true electric power made effective by the use of microprocessors. Due to this advancement in technology of slot machine, it created a chance to stake big bets meaning high payouts were enabled. The machine became popular across the world and almost in every leisure club, you could easily see a slot machine. What made these machines even more popular is the introduction of a random number generator. This was a programmer in computers used in spinning and produce a random outcome of the spin. This technology opened opportunities to all people across the world and started manufacturing different types of slot machines.


Online Slot Machines Are Introduced

The most significant change in the history of slots machine is the development since the first one is the introduction of online slot machines. Most of the people in the world today enjoy the fun of playing the slot machines games comfortably at their homes via phones laptops and so on. The online slots have the same feature as physical machines. The slots are now well known and giving out around million dollars real money from 50 cents in 1895.

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